Morado wood is truly an extraordinary treasure. After similar woods were cut to the brink of extinction in Brazil in the 1980’s, the flooring and veneer industry turned its eyes to Bolivia’s vast eastern flatlands. There, under extreme weather variations thrived large populations of Machaerium Scleroxylon –Bolivian Rosewood.

Bolivia’s forestry conservation laws protected morado from a fate similar to that of many species in neighboring Brazil. Mostly valued for architectural use, this wood held its true value in secret for centuries. When carefully crafted, pieces with striking veins, colors and cracks yell for attention, even more if the wood comes from leftover trunks and stumps not suitable for the flooring industry. Within its crookedness lies its treasure.

Thanks to Kirah Design, Bolivia’s exquisite morado wood crafts and art pieces are starting to gain recognition worldwide. Morado, indeed, is a truly exceptional wood.