We believe in design inspired by nature.  Our initial collaborations with Bolivian and international designers Marcella Echavarría, Courtney Hardt, Katie Miller and Ketty Callau yielded beautiful collections and pieces in wood, recycled glass and textiles for the US market.  Even before that, our very first pieces -a wooden vase design in morado wood, predecessor to the classic Kirah Vase- were an example of carefully atuning nature and collaboration: leftover morado stumps elegantly handcrafted by local artisans in Santa Cruz into timeless, nature-inspired design.

Our design philosophy has strengthened through the years. Today, new collections are routinely created through our unique collaborative design approach, carefully overseen by founder Gabriela Flores. First, treasured morado leftover branches, stumps, trunks, boards and cuttings are rescued from managed forestry operations and provided to our select group of Master Artisans. They are encouraged to experiment and create, to determine the best possible use for each stump. This “design incubator” is nourished by continuous inspiration, training, experimentation, and guidance from our network of international design partners -acclaimed and trendsetting designers from Europe, North America and Asia. The process is further enriched when Authorized Representatives provide market and consumer feedback. The result is a very dynamic and constantly evolving design process.

Take our Balancing Cube design:  the idea of “balance” was slowly incubated since a 2009 “inspiration journey” to Uyuni’s salt flats on which a natural monument known as “the rock tree” is found.  Whimsically balanced amidst a dessert of salt, this rock treasure’s features slowly simmered within Gabriela’s heart.  Four years later, during an innovation session in the Santa Cruz workshop to extract possible product concepts from cracked long boards, the rock tree’s essence finally manifested itself: a cracked cube standing on a vertex, a balancing wonder trying to reemerge, to stand up and continue living.

Nature and collaboration will always be the foundations of our design process.


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